If you have followed the ministry here for any length of time you will have noticed we place a lot of emphasis on discipleship. There are Biblical and practical reasons for this.

It should be obvious that discipling is part of the “Great Commission” from Matthew 28:18-20. Of the four commands mentioned in these verses, “make disicples” is the strongest and the other three commands are part of discipling.

Discipleship is not just filling people with Biblical information, but teaching them ministry skills and the even harder element of challenging them in their relationship with God so that they reflect His character.

You can check out a more detailed description of our discipleship philosophy and program. You will find that there is nothing amazingly new. It is basically “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I (Christ) have commanded.” It is not just knowing, it is doing and being a Christian.

Here are links to download a PowerPoint presentation and the work sheets in English for a workshop we did this year. The Presentation. Presentation description. Handout. Discipleship Program Description.